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Loarts|21|ESFJ|Scifi & Art Lover

I grew up loving and drawing art and I self taught myself.

I am constantly learning new ways to draw so you may see me changing or trying out art styles.

awekes said:
Hello :) someone I follow reblogged your sparkly Vulcan eyes art and it's my favourite thing I've seen in ages. Your artwork is beautiful! LLAP

Ahhh thank you!

I’m almost done with all current commissions I’m sorry for the long wait I have been really busy lately I will get done with them soon.

If you want to see a progress update just email me or send an ask.





InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here:

Will definitely do this year!

YES, have to do this year, barely managed to hop on the train for last.

It’s almost that time of year! I’m gonna do it again!

A morning doodle before school I wanted to test out masking layers

Wowwwowww thank you for those who commissioned me so far. This is such a wonderful experience for me. 

I’m taking 3 more commissions until slots are full if anyone is interested.

commission info

Hello! I’m starting commissions for the first time so here is my commission info post.Right now I have the basic info up.Ill fix it up with new information if needed.

  • I only accept paypal

  • The resolution of the images are ranged from 1,000x1,000 - 2,000x2,000 pixels at 300dpi


✪ Backgrounds 

Backgrounds include

  • Basic: example: shapes and a bit of abstract with gradient colors.

examples: 1 2 

  • advanced: example: clouds,grasses,buildings,etc (+ $5.00 USD )


✪ OCs are ALWAYS welcome. ✪

Please provide me with decent references and short detailed information about what you want.

  1. If requesting an OC, please give character name, appearance, personality.
  2. If requesting fanart, please give character name and what show/movie/comic they are from.
  3. If I have any further questions upon your commission, I’ll be sure to bring it up upon discussion.


✪ NSFW ✪

I accept NSFW requests Prices depend on how graphic the content is.




If you are interested, please e-mail me at: ortiz.m.jennifer@gmail.com!  or send me an ask to my inbox.

My Paypal is also associated with the email above

If you are unsure about how to use paypal this post could be helpful

Thank you very much! ♥

(-`ω´- )

Anonymous said:
ommmgggg I just saw your post about you opening up commissions and I'm literally freaking out because I love and have followed your art for about 3 years and I have always wanted art from you. \SWOONS/

 ~ Gosh thank you so much anon.

I’m finally going to open commissions soon.

I need some up to date samples though.


(Open image in new tab for full size)


I really like the thought of Vulcan’s painting their hands black and having claws. 

Thank you Shimmy